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How our Drone Business Directory Works

For Users, Pilots and Businesses

How Is Drone Business Directory Different?

There are quite a few example listings; we put at the beginning to show you how your drone listing will look. Other than that, only a Registered ReOC business or an RPAS pilot can list their own business on our directory.  Drone pilots and Businesses maintain all listings in our Drone Business Directory, and it is in their best interest to maintain the correct information. It helps us to connect Customers – Pilots – Operators with the businesses quickly and efficiently.

Unique Advantage to Drone Pilots & Operators:

Most of the RPAS (drone) businesses i am aware of and associate with, don’t have the time and resources to maintain their own websites. Our Directory of RPAS pilots and ReOC’s offer an opportunity for ReOC’s  and RePL holders to see a list  on our website. For Pilots, you have an opportunity to find a Business to offer your services to. Everyone contactable in 1 place. At least that’s our aim. As CASA do not offer this imformation.

If you are on any other Directory or listed anywhere on the Internet for public viewing you may find your listing has been offered  here!

1. For Directory Users: Find a Drone Pilot or Business near You

If you are looking to hire a drone pilot for any project or trying to find a drone business for any purpose, our Drone Business Directory can provide you with an extremely user-friendly platform. There are various ways you can use our totally free service, and get quotes from drone pilots and drone businesses. The following are few of the ways you can use our website:

  1. You can perform a search by category AND location on our home page. All drone businesses have been divided into only a few broad groups which can easily be selected by using a drop-down menu.
  2. Once you have chosen a listing, you can find further information by clicking their image or link on to their website. Once there you may see some more details, previous projects, reviews and testimonials of the business.
  3. You can also look at the reviews on  our website if available.
  4. On the right side of the listing, a form has been provided which you can use to directly contact the listing owner with a message regarding your requirements. Please try to be as specific as possible.
  5. There are many other features such as search, price filters, and location filters, you may use to filter the results presented to you.

All this is entirely free for all users, however, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

2. For Drone Businesses and Pilots: List and Generate Leads

Drone Business Directory is an all Australian directory for listing drone businesses.  We only list drone-related companies.  It will help  drive traffic and jobs to you and your website and would be useful for you to generate leads. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further details before you proceed.

By listing your business on this website, you will get exposure to a larger audience. The basic package for listing your business is free. This gives you a web presence immediately, especially if you don’t have a website of your own. If you would like extra features you may consider upgrading your Free listing at any time. At the end of your paid listing it will return to the FREE listing option.

How to Start:

On this website, we  list other Pilots and Businesses and allow you to CLAIM the Business so you may benefit from our Services. Only business owners or Pilots can list the business and claim their listings after previewing. We then review the listing and may or may not approve it. The process of listing is straightforward:


Click on SUBMIT A LISTING in the top right-hand corner.  Then select a Package, e.g., FREE and press submit.


You will be presented with a form. Fill in all the entries. You can add as much information about your business as you may think appropriate. Make some subheadings etc. Also, insert  images in the image gallery (not available in the FREE listing). You may add more or less, but for best visual results, we encourage you to add 3-5 images related to your activities. You may also  add a feature image of your listing. It is the most critical image because this is the image that would appear in the search. Make sure this contains your company name and logo. (Remember to name your image to something appropriate to your Business name etc) Don’t just upload images with the Default DJI000012.jpeg for example.

Note: If you Select a PAID Category you will have more features


Press Preview and re-edit if required

Claim Listing

When you click on any listing that has not been claimed, you will see Claim Listing on the Right Hand corner of the listing that you are on.

Click on this icon and you will be presented with a Log In form asking for your User Name and Password.

If you have not previously “Registered” for our site, don’t worry.  Under the Blue Log in button you will see Register link.

Click this link and enter your preferred user name ( note: this can be first name only OR first and Last) just be aware that whatever you enter in the Username field will be “Permanent” and cannot be changed.

Now click the Blue Register Button.

That’s it, you are done!  You will be automatically logged in and can start editing the Listing.

You will receive an email with your User Name and Password. If you don’t receive an email to your inbox, please check the spam/ or junk folder before contacting us for help

Be aware however, that the Listing will still need Approval before any changes show, so the listing will be “Pending Review”. We will review the listing and may then grant approval.

3. Don’t Want to List now – Sign up Only:

If you do not want to add a listing yet, you can still Register with us by clicking the Register Only Link under the (Submit a Listing Menu Button) this will open up another page, Just click on the REGISTER ONLY Button. You then enter a User Name email, and the password would be sent to you in your email. After signup, you will see the user dashboard. From here you can add a listing at any time.

The Features/Functionality You would get, once your listing is approved:

After the approval, you will be able to log in to your account in the same fashion by clicking on Directory Dashboard under the Submit a Listing Tab on the Menu.  You can see your Listings, edit, reviews, and change profile and photo, etc. One of the most useful features is that you can run your advertisement campaigns from within your dashboard. You can choose a budget, see your invoices, pay and run the ads on our website. You can also change your plan and password whenever you wish to do so. All of the features mentioned in your optioned listing plan will be available to you.