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This Website serves 3 purposes

1.  This Website is for CASA Certified Drone Pilots (RePL) holders, and

2.  Businesses, Remote Operators (ReOC) holders.

3.  For the General public to Find Drone Pilots & Operators to complete a task or job

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This Directory is FREE to List, and FREE for members of the public to contact a Remote Pilot or Organisation. We do not charge a fee for this.

Just click in the Search bar above and select from the Drop down menus, then click search.

You will be presented with an Operator, OR Pilot closest to you and their Contact details. The details of your project will then be up to you to discuss with whoever you elect to proceed with your job or task.

As it is often difficult for Remote Operators to find qualified Pilots, our aim is to provide a Directory of  Pilots and Operators to be a point of contact for each other, as well as a direct contact for the general public.

We encourage you to find and CLAIM your Listing. If your Listing is not on our Directory, please SUBMIT your FREE Listing today!

If you are looking to Hire a Drone Pilot (Remote Pilot), this Directory will also help members of the public hire CASA Certified and Insured Pilots.

Terms used by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for drones:

The UAV Australia industry is governed by CASA, and recommended that any paid RPA commercial work is completed by a certified ReOC operator.

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  |  UAS – Unmanned Aircraft System  |  RPA – Remotely Piloted Aircraft  |  RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

RPL – Recreational Pilot Licence  |  UOC – UAV Operator Certificate  |  ReOC – RPA operator’s Certificate  |  RePL – Remote Pilot Licence